Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lucid Dreaming?

Hey guys!

I was reading some forums the other day and I came across this site about lucid dreaming...

Pretty interesting! Its about knowing when youre dreaming.. Sort of like Inception?

Anyways, I'll try it out and blog about it so y'all will know what lucid dreaming is all about!


  1. I've attempted it before, got it a few times, but woke up soon after. Too busy to try it anymore, though.

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  2. I have narcolepsy so I lucid dream a few times a week. It's really not that great, and it leaves you tired in the morning too. Now, sleep paralysis, that's were it's at.


  3. It's dreaming where you're able to literally control and build your own dream world... I don't think it's quite like Inception... but it's pretty damn close.

    Also, cool blog.

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  4. it would be cool if i could do that, i think ill look into how its done if i get some time