Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to learn songs on guitar fast?

Hey guys!

I have good news, and bad news! Good news, I got a new guitar! Its a pretty ok looking Ibanez that I bought off a friend for 150 dollars. I must say, the sound is actually not bad! I heard that playing the guitar was pretty easy so I got one. This is where the bad news kicks in... The guitar is damn hard to play!

Can someone teach me to play songs on guitar fasT? : (


  1. sarahkay. My advice to you would be to learn basic open chords first... then learn songs. Also if you dont alerady know.. I suggest you learn how to read tabs. That would actually be the fastest way to learn songs. Good luck! feel free to ask questions. please follow!

  2. yeah, learn the basics first. good luck in your venture